Monday, May 15, 2006


I've decided to pretty much pull the plug on this blog because it's become pretty apparent to me I'm just not going to have the time to keep it up properly. If I change my mind at a later date, I will let Twins fans know at DTFC.

I will leave with a few thoughts:

Splitting with Chicago was extremely disappointing. Instead of being able to pick up two or four games on Chicago, the Twins are still 8 1/2 games back and they're not gaining any on Detroit either, which leads the wild card. It will be very interesting to see the team's response in Detroit the next three games, especially after what happened to them last time they were there (Remember 33-1?). If the Twins get swept, or even lose by blowouts the two games Johan doesn't start, you might just see Stewart in Yankee pinstripes. Wouldn't that be something. The Yankees could have Stewart, Johnny Damon and Bernie Williams in the same outfield and have the weakest-armed outfield ever seen.

Even if the Twins plunge further out of contention there still is plenty to watch:

Johan Santana. With a revived offense and a dominant back end of the bullpen, he could have his best season ever.

Joe Mauer. With Jason Varitek and Jorge Posada showing their age, Chairman Joe has a very good shot at making the first of many All-Star appearances. That sweet swing alone is worth the price of admission.

Luis Castillo. How good would he be if he was totally healthy? He's team MVP for the first six weeks and perhaps the best 2nd baseman in the AL.

Francisco Liriano. Hopefully, Carlos Silva will be back this year in the rotation, but it won't be for this guy. I've only seen one other pitcher get this many ugly swings, wide eyes and shaking heads by opposing batters and he's only been the best pitcher in baseball the past two years. The edge for Johan is he has all the intangibles that make a good starter great. At least now we'll get to get an idea if the young pitcher with the electric stuff has the heart and mind of a great pitcher.

Michael Cuddyer. The emergence of the former can't-miss prospect who was missing badly for quite a while gives the team much hope for the emergence of Justin Morneau and Jason Kubel as the all-stars they have been touted to be.

Justin Morneau. See above.

Minor leaguers. If the Twins fall out completely, it will be fun to see who gets called up. If Kyle Lohse or Scott Baker continue to falter, Boof Bonser would probably be the first one called up. Can you imagine Joe Nathan getting saves in back-to-back games for Liriano and Bonser, the three players the Twins got for A.J. Pierzynski? Hopefully, it's agains the White Sox and Nathan strikes out A.J. to end both games.


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