Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jays 6, Twins 3

I hate, I hate, I HATE losing on Opening Day.

Here we've been waiting for six months to watch the Twins play in a real game and they go out and lose it. Now, six months of tempered optimism is ruined by two bad pitches.

That's all it really was. One hanger to Bengie Molina for two runs and another fat pitch to Alex Rios for the final two runs and that's the ballgame.

Please don't jump to conclusions after just one game. Look at how bad the Indians looked in their opener (10-4 loss) before winning 8-2 on Tuesday and making Chicago's Freddy Garcia look bad. (Incidentally, I turned on the game for a while and the White Sox announcers were talking about how Garcia wasn't even throwing in the 90s at all). The A's also gave up 15 runs to the Yankees in their opener before winning 4-3 in the ninth on Tuesday.

The Twins now have Radke and Silva to go against the Jays' Josh Towers and Gustavo Chacin. I like those matchups. Hopefully, the Twins can get out of Toronto with a series win.

There were a few positives to take from the game. Most importantly was a nice debut for Juan Rincon. Hopefully, he will be back to setting up before very long.

Shannon Stewart looked good, getting three hits and a home run off Halladay, maybe the best right-hander in the AL. Rondell White crushed the ball twice without a hit to show for it. Tony Batista got his season off to a nice start with a home run and Juan Castro lined a single off Halladay.

The best reasons to get off to a good start individually on Opening Day? Look at these stats:
Castro .500 avg/.500 OBA/.500 slug/1.000 OPS.
Stewart .750 avg/.750 OBA/1.500 slug/2.250 OPS.
Batista .333 avg/.333 OBA/1.333 slug/1.666 OPS.

And before you start complaining about how bad the offense looked, remember the last time the Twins faced Halladay, he pitched a two-hit shutout. Suddenly, three runs and four hits looks pretty good, especially considering the size of the strike zone last night. How do you call a strike on a pitch the catcher has to put his glove on the ground to catch?

Oh well. I guess we'll have to settle for 161-1.


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